Using the spoken word, interactive learning and fun multiple choice testing, Speaking Times Tables helps kids pass those all important tests. Download


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- Learn and then be tested on times tables, with amazing speaking sums. - Simple and clear making it easy to understand. - Fun and engaging sounds, with a cute monkey theme across the app. - Tells your child when they get a sum wrong straight away, showing the correct answer to make sure they remember it. - Final scoreboard with results to show kids if they went wrong. - No links to email, web pages, adverts or in-app purchases!
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  • How we designed the app - First we drew out the old iphone version of the app and with all the comments / feedback we redesigned the layout specifically for iPad. For example, with the extra space, we were able to add buttons for random answers on the test screen, this removed the need for the keypad.
  • The history behind the app - About ten years ago we created Speak Times Tables Tutor for the PC. The idea was to create something which would help kids learn their times tables interactively. Speech technology had finally become available on desktop computers.