Using the spoken word, interactive learning and fun multiple choice testing, Speaking Times Tables helps kids pass those all important tests. Download


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- Learn and then be tested on times tables, with amazing speaking sums. - Simple and clear making it easy to understand. - Fun and engaging sounds, with a cute monkey theme across the app. - Tells your child when they get a sum wrong straight away, showing the correct answer to make sure they remember it. - Final scoreboard with results to show kids if they went wrong. - No links to email, web pages, adverts or in-app purchases!
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  • Multi student / device support - One of the most popular features requested in the first version of the app, was to allow siblings and school children to use the app and to allow students to keep track of their progress. Several new features have been designed to achieve this goal. From the settings within the app, you can turn on […]
  • Siri / Voice Recordings - Siri has become an extremely popular feature in iOS and we have been able to incorporate it into the app. Siri is used in conjunction with recorded voices (provided in English) to cater for several new languages. With version 1 of the app we investigated the differences between UK and US English, for numbering. In […]
  • Universal device support - The first version of the app was designed purely for iPad. However, all of the images in that version have been converted into drawing code. This has made it possible to cater for larger devices without a loss in quality. Adding support for the iPad Pro 12 inch created some development issues. Drawing code had […]
  • Multiple languages - In the first version of the app we provided voice recordings, however these were only available in English. Although it would be possible to provide voice recordings in other languages, this would have greatly increased the development time and as a result made the inclusion of some languages problematic. Care has been taken to ensure […]
  • How we designed the app (v2) - Please see the blog post about the first version of the app here. If you were to compare version 1 against version 2, you may notice that at first glance there isn’t a great deal which looks different. A lot of the changes have been made for technical reasons and to increase performance. You may […]